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Axel Byrfors

Born in Malmö in the late 80s, Swedish director Axel Byrfors studied at the National Film School, Dramatiska Institutet, in Stockholm. He started his professional career directing shorts and fashion films and is now an established multi-tasking director in commercials, content and fiction.


While in the midst of his first feature, Byrfors dedicates the majority of his free time to private studies and fanatic routines, always on a daily dose of minimum two films per day. His style as a director is diverse, eclectic, visually arresting and in each film he draws us into his crafted worlds through compelling storytelling. His characteristic directorial approach to each project is to be boundless, adaptive and with a mind to bring richness and depth to the stories. He has directed campaigns for global brands including Coca Cola, Mitsubishi, Philips, Canon, Samsung, Skoda, Fiat, and Brahma.