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Thierry Poiraud

Thierry’s career as a director started as a fraternal venture alongside his brother, under the name ‘Les Freres Poiraud’. They soon moved into the world of advertising and directed BETC’s first commercial success ‘Statue of Liberty‘ for Hollywood Chewing Gum.


After their first feature film ‘Atomik Circus’, Thierry went solo and started directing alone, working regularly both in France and globally. The year 2007 was a milestone for the final time that the brothers reunited to direct together. They created a documentary about longtime friend Vanessa Paradis’s: Divinidylle tour, and were awarded the Victoire de La Musique for their effort.


Thierry continued directing commercials for clients which included Peugeot, Pepsi, Canal Plus, Optus and many more, picking up numerous major advertising awards around the globe.


In long form he directed and co-wrote the feature film ‘Alone’, which premiered at BFI London Film Festival and received critical success. He went on to direct ‘Black Spot’, a stunning Netflix drama series, and he has just finished up the sci fi thriller Infiniti, set on the ISS.


Thierry reminisces: “I started with animation, filming some strange puppets in the garden” and the collection of awards he has picked up in the meantime is testament to how far he has come since his make-shift puppet days.